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    I’m thrifty, hardly ever turn on a heater. Definitely put on a sweater.

    “Throw another shrimp on the barbecue.”

    Home barbecued fish is like nothing else (though I’ve never had barbecued shrimp/prawns.)

    My absolute favourite is barbecued Barrumundi from the Northern Territory.

    Many here have seafood for festive lunch rather than traditional food intended for the northern hemisphere.

    Classical or pop music?


      Where your from does barbecue mean grill… that would make a lot more sense to me, and then yes grilled shrimp mmmmmm.

      I love love all kinds of music but with current pop hit lyrics I disagree with, classical!

      Candle or oil diffuser?
      "We cannot hold a torch to another's path without brightening our own."


        I don't use either one. Strong scents bother me.

        Butter or margarine?


          Butter tastes better.

          Overcome, by bbq I mean a gas fired cooker used outside. It has a grill and also a flat surface for frying.

          Australians love their barbecues!

          For a long time, I was old fashioned and had one for which you needed to use sticks and/or charcoal and light with a match. When the children came along this became too much work so now, like everyone else, we have a gas one on the back patio.

          During summer time (now) we’d probably have our dinner cooked on the bbq and eat outside a couple of times a week (or more) even on work days.

          Morning person or night person? (When you do function best.)
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            Morning... seriously, I do my best work between 7am-12pm... but only with coffee!

            Speaking of: coffee or tea?
            Raise your words not your voice, it's rain that grows flowers not thunder. ~Rumi


              I prefer coffee but neither of these agree with me, so it's either cold water or hot water with a splash of cold water.

              BBQ's are a definite hit here. But we don't often bbq seafood!!!

              Sweet or savoury?


                Awww Humbled buy some real (not the imported stuff from overseas) Barramundi from the Top End and try cooking it on the barbecue!

                Cook with a little bit of olive oil and salt, the taste and texture is like nothing else. I wish I could live on it!

                Sweet or savoury? Hmmm I just like food!

                Since I’m raving about Barramundi, I will say savoury.

                Clothes: plain colours mostly or patterns and prints?
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                  I’ve never had that type of fish, but grilled salmon is very very nice!

                  plain clothes for me. Although I think I’m going to like prints, I don’t, and my closet is mostly plain.

                  board games or video games?
                  "We cannot hold a torch to another's path without brightening our own."


                    Board games when I’m being social and video games when I need to zone out!

                    (The video games are only ever on my iPhone now.)

                    Anyone ever played Balderdash board game? It’s the best! Followed by Bezzerwizzer, Telestrations, and good old fashioned card games like Progressive Rummy. So much fun!

                    tub bath or shower??
                    ♥ ♥ ♥
                    The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save.
                    Zeph 3:16


                      Oh, I love a bath, with a good book. BUT I rarely make the time. So it's mainly showers.

                      Yes, I've played Telestrations - it's a great game.

                      Outdoors adventures: River or beach?



                        What light source do you use if there is a blackout: Candles or flashlight?


                          Hi Jan, welcome!

                          Flashlights here.

                          While indoors..... shoes on or just socks/barefoot?



                            Bare feet in Summer and socks/slippers in Winter.

                            top sheet or no top sheet?


                              These days just a cotton blanket.

                              Soup or salad? (and what kind is your fav?)


                                Minestrone soup! You just can’t beat a good minestrone. (By the way, Carraba’s Italian restaurant makes a fabulous one!)

                                Documentary or Hallmark romance?
                                ♥ ♥ ♥
                                The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save.
                                Zeph 3:16


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