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    Yes, the Bargain Hunt I mean is the one from the UK, with earlier episodes introduced by Tim Wonnacott an now others.

    Starship, I haven't seen Fleamarket Flip here but I think I would like that one.

    Ditto about Cash in the Attic but I haven't seen that here, either.

    Tuliip what kinds of things had you given to the local op shop which later were shown to be worth hundreds of pounds?

    Star, yes sometimes those cute animal shows are good for winding down. When one of my sons was young, we'd watch one each week and it was our bonding time.

    The other show (which comes on after Bargain Hunt here) is Airport Security. Oh my goodness, if I'm not quick to get up and turn it off, I get hooked waiting to see what happens, it is cleverly edited in that way.

    It is interesting to watch and see which airports have staff who are polite to people (even those who've made mistakes) and there are other ones at which the staff seem to be very authoritarian all the time, even if the misdemeanor is quite mild. For the life of me, though, I can never understand why anyone would give consent to have the filming done and then put to air.:dunno:



      A jug 250, a vase (cant remember exact amount but it was over 100), a piece of furniture 420. another vase worth 80, all my old Sindy dolls in mint condition (i treasured them) plus a complete Sindy doll's house & car & stable set with all the furniture & accessories, worth loads altogether but i cant remember exactly

      When i moved into this house it was after my grandparents died & it was chok full of junk ..... plus a fair few things that were valuable but neither my mum or i had any idea. They weren't to our taste & didnt appear to be (to our very untrained eye) worth anything, so we dumped loads of stuff at the charity shop, clearing out room after room as we went. I shudder at the thought of it now, but i was 25 & Mum said it was all junk, & it was pre internet & even if it had occurred to us we wouldnt have known how to get anything valued so....

      Mind you i did see a necklace identical to one of my granny's (that i did like & so i kept it & wore it a few times), adorning the neck of Lady Mary in Downton Abbey recently - another of my fave shows. It's made out of mother of pearl shell no gems lol but i am going to investigate if that is an antique or??? Well i suppose it must be as mum said it was my great grandmothers so must be at least 100yrs old :rbsmile:

      We dont get fluffy animal type shows here i dont think only the wild nature type. Lots of vet progs & Animal rescue type shows but i find them a bit upsetting.
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        Tulip yes it was different before the internet (though those days are not hard to imagine.)

        It also doesn't sound as if you had much say in the matter, either when you were 25.

        I like to think that everything that goes around comes around.

        So, by being generous to charity and others have benefitted from it. I like to think that our generosity comes back to us, maybe not necessarily in material ways, but perhaps in others.


          yes i think that too Falena, & i have already benefited from many people's generosity over the yrs.
          tbh i'm generally as much amused by it as anything else.

          My mother was pretty ruthless when it came to de cluttering & i must say as i get older i am following suit

          Back to the thread topic, does anyone else watch Heartland? I just finished watching all 11 seasons in a row I just love it so much


            I like Heartland. I have just started back at the beginning again.
            I also like Young Sheldon and Big Bang Theory and some NCIS episodes


              I love Big Bang Theory too. My schedule hasn't worked out lately to watch this last season, but I just might "binge" watch it over the Christmas break.

              My latest show that I've been enjoying is on the Game Show Network. It's called "America Says." I love word games, so it's right up my alley.
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              The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save.
              Zeph 3:16


                I have just discovered My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary on Stan. It was made several years ago but I don't think it was ever shown on free to air television here.


                  I like The New Girl; Free Rein; and pretty much any dance movie/show. I used to love NCIS, CSI, etc but now find them way to triggering.


                    I used to watch Hawai Five O just because it aired around my lunch time and I ended up so emotionally attached to each characters. I want someone like Steve in my work place. A strong and clever leader who will fix anything. I'm not up to watching other plice/military dramas with lots of crimes, but I love Alien series. :hide2: I think I enjoy them because it's easy to see them as fictions

                    Anyhow I guess I'll do my reintroduction some time later. Bye bye xo


                      Hi Rowann! I'm glad you popped on!

                      I hardly know any of the shows people write about. Don't have cable but kinda addicted to watching youtube videos on TV.


                        My favorite show is Blue Bloods. I love how they portray the family and every show will have a scene at Sunday dinner. Some shows they actually pray before the meal. Hard to imagine that being aired now a days. Other favorites are the Chicago Med, Fire and Police. The Resident, New Amsterdam. I cant believe this but I really like to watch SVU, I do not understand why I like to watch it but I do. There are times when it triggers me but that is the exception rather than the rule. My all time favorite show is the original:heartsmile2: I Love Lucy episodes. Oh my goodness such hoot! Even after all these years and I know what is going to be said or happen it still is a great show.:rofl:


                          I've been watching reruns of The Job Lot. It is good to have a bit of a laugh at the end of the day.


                            Hi Nutmeg (love your name!)
                            I watch SVU also...even though it usually triggers me. I love Olivia Benson b/c she kicks butt and shes a strong, smart woman in power. Shes my hero! Lol

                            I Love Lucy :heart: best episode ever is the one where Lucy and Ethel are working in the chocolate factory and the chocolates are moving on the conveyor belt too fast. Of course the only solution is too shove them in the mouth!! :rofl:

                            Falena, Ive never heard of The Job Lot. Must be an Australian show??
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                            The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save.
                            Zeph 3:16


                              i mostly watch HGTV, it's pretty mild, without a lot of stuff of political or some kind of "statement" involved. my fav was fixer upper...sad that it's over. but i like the new My Town, based here in MS...and flip or flop nashville, etc. only a few things i don't care for on there. i like a lot of the shows like downton abbey and another i can't remember the name of...i love stories set in historical period like those.


                                I remember Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate factory too. :rofl:

                                The Job Lot is from the UK. I discovered it on Stan (or was it Netflix? :notsure


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