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TV shows.... what are you watching these days?

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    "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" is my go to right now. The show plays in Australia in the 20ies, takes up a lot of social issues, has strong characters, and little actual violence.
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      Falena that sounds interesting, maybe on my Thanksgiving break I'll have to look that one up and see if I can find it.

      I don't really sit down and watch much tv right now, but I do try and watch a movie with my son once a week or he'll really want me to watch a show with him. I was recently reminded how sweet the How to Tame Your Dragon trilogy is, we watched the 2nd one last week. I also enjoyed one called Mako Mermaids, it's a whole series about this girl that discovers she's a mermaid.

      Oh, and Anne with an "E", based on Anne of Green Gables. Might have binge watched that at the beginning of quarantine.

      On the adult front, I've really enjoyed a BBC show named "Call the Midwife" it's based in the east end of London, I believe in the end of the 1950's going into the early 1960's. It revolves around the nuns of nonnatus house and the nurses that live with them, primarily the show focuses on the midwifery but there is a lot more to it.

      I also really enjoyed Madame Secretary, She's such a strong female character, smart, courageous, real.

      That's probably everything good I've watch this past year (or more) lol.


        I watched loads of "Call the Midwife" a few years back--just loved it, Moonflower!


          Moonflower I can remember sitting with my son when he was young, watching TV. I think we had “bonding time” (as I thought of it in my own mind but not said to him) watching shows about animals. There was a show, the name of which now escapes me, about rescue animals.
          Thank you for reminding me of this. It is a good memory of him (as he is now grown up) sitting together.
          As for me, I’m still hooked on Bargain Hunt. If only I lived in the UK I’d apply to go on it! I’ve been watching it nightly for so long I can predict now what many items are worth before the expert gives an opinion!
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            I also enjoyed call the midwife.
            and Anne with an E!
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