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Counseling Referral Services

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    Counseling Referral Services

    CS Staff recommendations

    RAINN has a referral service that includes often free or low cost/sliding scale counseling services for abuse survivors. They are really a great organization and are very wide reaching, with help available in every state, while also having hotlines and help when in crisis.

    If you're looking for specifically a counselor that advertises themselves as a Christian Counselor, the American Association of Christian Counselors has a referral service with listings in every state in the US.

    The Sidran Institute has a referral service specializing in help with trauma and dissociation:

    Services recommended to us by members:

    Focus on the Family counselling referral:

    Speak Your Silence is an organization that focuses on providing education about sexual abuse, and also helping survivors break their silence by providing grants for free counseling for survivors:

    If you have a suggestion of a group that does referrals for survivors, please post it in the Member Concerns forum, and if it fits our criteria, we will add the link here. Thanks.
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