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    About Our Staff

    We have a committed and wonderful team working here on our forums.

    Every member of our staff team is also a survivor of abuse, and who are, alongside their work here on the forum, are also actively working on their own healing journeys. Please keep this in mind in your interactions with them. We would really appreciate it if each member would treat our staff with the respect they deserve! They each work really hard here at CS, on top of dealing with their own survivor issues, and they deserve a lot of support, encouragement, and respect!


    Administrators are responsible for overseeing all aspects of Christian Survivors. The admin are responsible for overseeing all aspects of Christian Survivors. Their role varies from the general upkeep and decision making for both the forum, and the website ... to support and resource work on the forum, and supporting and mentoring other staff on the team. They also moderate the forums, working as support staff, & they support and mentor other staff on the team. Any decision they make is to be respected but they commit to always being willing to listen to differing opinion. It is the administrative job, also, to accept or reject applications to work within CS.

    Current Administrators:


    Senior Staff

    Our Senior Staff work alongside our Administrators overseeing the day to day running of the forum. The Senior Staff members assist Administrators in decision making, and in dealing with conflicts and concerns with individuals. They also provide mentorship, guidance, and support to our Support Staff team. These staff members carry out all of the jobs of support team members in addition to senior staffing responsibilities.

    Current Senior Staff:


    Support Staff

    These staff are the key workers on the forums, who, alongside the admin & senior staff members, provide friendship, support, and as safe an environment as possible for the members. Support staff are encouraged to identify the needs of each individual member, and to attempt to meet those needs as best they can.
    Our Support staff are invaluable members of our team. Without them, Christian Survivors would not be able to continue to be the safe haven that it is. In addition, they do a lot of jobs that are invisible to most members. They deal with the practical side of forum life, moderating content, archiving, ensuring a safe atmosphere for our members.

    Current Support Staff:


    Prayer Team

    Christian Survivors Prayer Team is a group of staff and regular, committed forum members working together to provide a safe service for all CS members. Each member of the team has committed to working under strict guidelines regarding confidentiality, and sensitivity when dealing with members.

    Prayer Team Moderator:


    Prayer Team Members:



    Susannah is Christian Survivors' Founder. Due to ongoing health problems caused by ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), Susannah has retired from CS Staff.

    Technical Staff

    Operating a forum like CS requires a lot of technical knowledge. We are so lucky to have a team of superheroes who do this job for us. They perform all of the miraculous feats that keep our Forums chugging along, performing upgrades and updates, to troubleshooting technical issues that may arise.

    Dale Ryan is our server owner and our host. His support has been invaluable as CS has undergone many changes through the years.

    Vilandra is our software technical guru. Without her, our software would likely have ceased to work years ago. We're so grateful for her generous help.
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