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What are self-affirmations?

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  • blu~
    thanks for this list Brina.

    I have only just seen it but will be visiting it again and again!

    Mine is to stop worrying what other people think about me. As long as I am not hurting them how they view me is up to them!!

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  • Snickerdoodle
    Love this, thanks so much. It's something I've been working on with my therapist, and the positive affirmations seem to work miracles when I do it when I'm feeling low, though I've only been doing the I am statements. I'm going to have to start the I can and I will ones too.

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  • Hanne Lee
    Thanks Brina

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  • Emily
    good job Timey

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  • timey
    I like the statements for positive change. I'm going to try to apply these, along with my other goals that I try to set each week in my self-care.

    Thanks for these lists!

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  • Amanda
    I hope you do!

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  • desiretobefree
    these are great. They make me want to start a list of my own. thank you!

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  • Amanda
    It's not always easy is it!
    I'm glad you're going to work on them

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  • JRuth
    Nice, I like these... it's amazing how I feel myself squirm reading some of them... I need to work on this...

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  • Amanda
    Im glad this thread is helping you sweetie!

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  • goingonanyway
    I totally printed the first five pages of this thread, Brina. Thanks for thinking of us

    And I'm getting to like these smileys, too. Don't have 'em on my home computer, but the library's great.

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  • Brina
    started a topic What are self-affirmations?

    What are self-affirmations?

    Self-affirmations are:

    Healing, positive self-scripts you give to yourself to counter your negative self-scripts.

    Vehicles by which you can free yourself from the over-dependence on other's opinions, attitudes, or feelings about you and feel good about yourself.

    The visualization of a new order and sense in your life, which you can work toward achieving.

    You take personal responsibility for your health and emotional stability.

    You let go of negative emotional baggage you have been carrying. Only then will you be able to deal with your life in a realistic and positive manner.

    The resolution of feelings from the past so that you can face the present with a less obstructed view.

    You give yourself permission to grow, to change, to take risks, to rise up, and to create a better life for yourself.

    You take a healthy `"selfish'' or self-oriented route in your life so that you can "let go'' of these people who drain your resources and keep you from experiencing full personal health.

    The recognition of your rights and affirming your claim on them, giving you an equitable chance of achieving your fullest potential.

    Success prophecies that, when visualized, imagined, or believed in, do come true.

    What shapes can positive self-affirmations take?

    I statements:

    "I'' statements are one-line statements that can be repeated to cover three areas:

    I am: A statement of who you are

    This is a positive affirmation of a real state of being that exists in you. You can achieve a full list of I am Y statements by taking a personal positive inventory of your attributes, strengths, talents, and competencies. Examples include:

    I am competent
    I am energetic
    I am strong
    I am enthusiastic
    I am intelligent
    I am relaxed
    I am beautiful
    I am joyful
    I am a good person
    I am trusting
    I am caring
    I am generous
    I am loving
    I am courageous
    I am smart
    I am forgivin
    I am creative
    I am open
    I am talented
    I am sharing

    I can: A statement of your potential

    This is a positive affirmation of your ability to accomplish goals. It is a statement of your belief in your power to grow, to change, and to help yourself. I can Y statements are developed after you develop a set of "short-term'' (three to six months) goals. Examples include:

    I can lose weight
    I can grow
    I can stop smoking
    I can heal
    I can handle my children
    I can let go of guilt
    I can gain self-confidence
    I can let go of fear
    I can take risks
    I can change
    I can be a winner
    I can be positive
    I can be strong
    I can be a problem solver
    I can pass calculus
    I can handle my own problems
    I can laugh and have fun
    I can be honest with my feelings
    I can be assertive
    I can let go of being compulsive
    I can control my temper
    I can succeed

    I will: A statement of positive change in your life

    This is a positive affirmation of a change you want to achieve. It is a positive statement of what you want to happen. It is a ``success prophecy.'' I will Y statements are developed after you have set your priorities for the short-term goals you have set. Examples include:

    I will like myself better each day.

    I will gain emotional strength each day.

    I will lose weight each day.

    I will smoke less each day.

    I will control my temper today.

    I will give others responsibility for their lives today.

    I will grow emotionally stronger each day.

    I will smile more at my customers today.

    I will offer my comments in class today.

    I will praise my children today.

    I will feel good things about me today.

    I will sleep easily tonight.

    I will feel less guilt each day.

    I will face my fears courageously today.

    I will take on only what I can handle today.

    I will take care of me today.

    I will challenge myself to change today.

    I will manage my time better today.

    I will handle my finances wisely today.

    I will take a risk to grow today.

    I am

    I can Statements of Self-Belief

    I will

    The daily use of these "I'' statements is another form of self-affirmation designed to counter negative self-concept. It can result in a positive attitude, optimism, and can motivate you toward emotional growth and progress.
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