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Journeying Possible Spiritual Triggers

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    Journeying Possible Spiritual Triggers

    Hi Everyone,

    As I have said in other posts, I have recently become part of a new church, and the minister has been encouraging me to start looking and talking about what happened as child, quite scary stuff. However on Friday him and his wife prayed with me to start giving it all to God. I wrote this poem

    So, Today I gave all that to God,
    Told Him how it made me feel bad.
    Gave it to Him heal
    So that I can become the “real” me

    As He starts to heal me,
    These emotions are making me feel yucky,
    And make me want to deny them
    BUT Jesus wants me to be free, so I WILL trust Him.

    Trust Him to make it all ok again,
    Trust Him to replace the sad, broken emotion,
    And fill the gap left by them
    With His mercies, that are new every morning.

    Thanking Him for all He is doing,
    And the journey He is taking me on.
    Learning how to be Louise again,
    From the girl into a woman.

    Relying on Him to bring me through,
    Holding me tight as I move
    Onto letting these emotions flow.
    As the song says “One more step along the world I go”.

    So as I travel “from the old to the new”
    I will keep on pushing through.
    Thanking Jesus for dying for me
    And loving me fore eternity.

    I hope you enjoy it

    Great steps! And thanks so much for sharing your poem!


      im so glad you have a church community that is supporting you and encouraging you to talk about what happened. I'm sorry that you were abused! IM sorry you weren't cherished and taken care of as you should have been. saying a prayer for you right now.


        I think you are a strong, courageous person to be learning to trust Jesus. He won't let you down. I'm sorry you were hurt.
        I dwell in Possibility - A fairer House than Prose - More numerous of Windows - Superior - for Doors -
        Of Chambers as the Cedars - Impregnable of Eye - And for an Everlasting Roof - The Gambrels of the Sky -
        Of Visitors - the fairest - for Occupation - This - the spreading wide my narrow Hands - To gather Paradise -
        -Emily Dickinson


          Beautiful poem and very courageous!


            Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. How wonderful to find a new church that supports you in your journey.


              I like your poem <3 it's beautiful both the poem and the journey.


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