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fox in my garden

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    fox in my garden

    I was overjoyed this morning to look out and see a fox in my garden. We do have a lot of urban foxes in UK but not in my area, this is a rare and surprising thing. I felt it was such a blessing as he/she, (i think its a vixen but even with my binos it was hard to tell) although it had a short look in both neighbours' gardens, it returned & stayed playing for about 45 mins in mine. Having a fine time playing chasing an apple core around & exploring everywhere, and it sat for a while next to my arbour seat which i bought in memory of my mum - who loved foxes too, so that touched my heart somehow too.

    I just love all animals and wildlife so it has really lifted me. I wont be feeding it as i wont be able to keep it up, but I do hope it comes back. I think its promising as the other day i saw what i thought was an unusual looking cat poo, but looking it up online it was fox scat. It was right near the house

    photo posted with permission. I do have a couple more photos but i wont bore you i couldnt decide which one to post, i am just so thrilled.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	smaller fox 1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	77.6 KB ID:	1472020

    How wonderful, Tulip! Looks like the fox is completely at home and relaxed in your garden! Would love to see the other pics.
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      Like Star, I’d love to see the other photos.

      The little vixen looks sweet there beside your bird bath. Do you feed the birds also?

      I’m an animal lover, too, but in the wrong place, foxes cause havoc.

      They were introduced here and have no natural predators and have caused serious decline in the native wildlife.

      I have seen them locally. Once, beside the rail line of the next station from me and once in the local forest.

      I hope your little friend does return to your garden.

      Adding some: now how’s this for synchronicity? Just as I clicked on post, my husband comes in the door from walking our dog in the nearby forest. For his first time, he saw a fox on the track!

      It was running along but disappeared when it saw him. A little further along the track was a lifeless bandicoot. Foxes are pretty but here? They are in the wrong country.
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        That is quite a pose she is striking! Thanks so much for sharing your neat photo, Tulip. I'm so glad she stopped by and had a visit and a bit of a play in your garden. I hope she'll return so you can see her again.



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              What a wonderful little picture, Tulip! It’s so nice to see that sort of thing. I agree with you that wildlife are adorable, by the way!

              I know in Japanese legend, the fox is said to be a harbinger of friendship, love, and compassion. Perhaps you’ve made a new little furry friend!


                Oh how wonderful I didnt know that about the Japenese legend, thanks so much fr sharing.

                I had actually forgotten about this thread i must see if i can post the other photo. I havent seen it for a while but i see evidence of half eaten dead animals around the garden, a 1/2 eaten pigeon today. Yuk lol

                Feel a bit sorry for the pigeon, but there we are thats nature for you!


                  If you find it please do! That first one was really cute.

                  That poor pigeon! Nature giveth and nature taketh away, I suppose!


                    About foxes in the garden...
                    Some keep showing up in the cul where I live. Haven't seen one in a bit but they keep leaving me calling cards, lol.
                    One scared the daylights out of me a few months ago. I was out back and heard a noise. Looked up and one was up in my tree. Wish I'd had my phone out there to snap him or her. That was an odd thing to see.

                    Our botanical garden has a butterfly event going on. I hope to make it over and see the little pretties and get some photos.

                    Anyone else been seeing anything unique outside? In your yard? On a walk? Anyplace?



                      Quite often in the morning, when we go outside, a creature will have dug holes in the lawn during the night. It took us a little while to figure out that these holes had been caused by a bandicoot.

                      These are quite elusive little creatures which only come out at night so we don't often see them though recently my husband did see one in our back garden.

                      I think it must be coming to our garden pond each night for a drink - a place where we have spotted it before - because our little dog has lately been spending a lot of time sniffing around the pond each morning.

                      I love any kind of wildlife and I count myself as lucky to have at least one of these, a protected species, in my back garden.
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                        Welcome back from your vacation, Falena. I will check your threads for updates.

                        I needed to look bandicoots up again. As I didn't remember what they looked like. Long little snoots LOL. I imagine they have left your pup a scent to "read"anf inquire about. Do you think they are digging for something to eat?


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