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    Skunks are odd little creatures, seem very furry! I marvel that even skunks that certainly all are black and white, have different markings and features. The endless variety in nature! It's interesting how getting the scent off became a specialty for your groomer friend. Back in the day, my grandfather in Ga. called them polecats. We'd be visiting there and driving down the road, and he's pipe up with, "Sho' nuff do smell of a pole cat around heah!" The old timers in my family all had heavy Southern accents.

    I can imagine how much J loved the horses and riding.



      You know several people have skunks for pets once they remove the stinky glands.

      The dolphin display sounds like it was amazing and beautiful to watch. I can close my eyes and imagine the scene. Thanks for that!

      Where I am we have tons of squirrels, blue jays, possums, geckos, and I am blessed by one giant white rabbit that keeps hanging around my house. I think he was a domestic bunny that was dumped by someone, because he came within 2 feet of me the other day when I brought him food.

      I call him Flippy, because each night he eats the food I put out on a paper plate for him and then he “flips” the plate and shoves it under my back porch door. LOL

      He’s quite the character. Here’s a snap of him hanging out at my back fence:

      Click image for larger version  Name:	DBA6EE93-36CB-4032-BF16-828B2A1F09EF.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	72.9 KB ID:	1465468
      ****photo posted with permission****
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        It looks like Flippy has adopted you. He looks right at home!
        Email me!
        Scars remind us of where we've been.
        They don't have to dictate where we're going.~Criminal Minds


          Catie, loved your polecat story, that made me smile. I didn't know they had different markings either, that's cool.

          Star, I love flippy, he's so cute. He looks so fat and happy just plopped down there.


            Flippy does look like a big boy! How funny about the paper plate! It's almost like, "Done with that. More, please!"



              Two more cool animal stories .... early in the week as I was walking by one of the glass doors a dolphin jumped full out of the water right in my line of sight. I was really started to get stressed about everything I needed to take care of for storm prep and it made me just stop and enjoy the moment. I watched him til I couldn't see him anymore, but he only jumped the one time. Very cool, I've only seen that a handful of times.

              The night the storm came through I was going out about every hour to check on how high the water was and one time there was this morning dove huddled up against the front door. He would only fly a few feet and then kind of hunker down into the grass. After a few tries, I was scared to grab him too hard, I caught him and let him spend the night in a box in my warm garage. Gave him some food and water in the morning and then later in the afternoon when the weather cleared took him outside and slowly tipped the box as soon as his little feet hit the ground he flew away. I think he probably just got knocked out of wherever he had been roosting and got exhausted trying to get back there.


                Oh, I love the morning-dove rescue story!

                And I can't begin to imagine the many joys of living so close to shore. Seeing the dolphin leaping from home is such a lovely thing!


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