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What a different day.

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  • What a different day.

    Thought I'll share an experience that made me think different about dogs and that placed a smile on my face.

    But gott to start with yesterday. It was such a bad day with all that was going on. Left work at 5:45pm and here in the middle of winter it's already getting dark. About 20 minutes in my hour trip my car broke down. Roadside assistance is fantastic. So with the same problem occurring in 4 weeks, I thought it's time to get a different car.

    So today was car hunting. Went to the dealership and the car I had my heart set on was gone. They offered to show me the same car that is at detailers, just a different colour. On our approach, I saw this huge dog. Softly giggled and said, mind the little horse. Gosh he is at least a good metre high.

    This is where my day changed. The dog came up to greet me walking quietly and calmly. First thing I now iced is that the dog has a gentle soul. It wa constantly pushing its head onto me. Well having had dogs before, I would say it wanted attention. The next thing the dog did caught me by surprise. It took its front leg and curled it around my leg, pulling me closer. Then he pushed his head and side tightly against me. Gosh, I thought, is that looking for attention or is that a hug.

    The dog dog has such a gentle soul and gave me several more whilst there. It's weird, even though it might be for attention, it made me felt so different. It felt like the dog giving me what I so much needed at that moment. Now I am convinced about pets and their benefits as therapy. Had pets before, but never met an animal with such a gentle soul.

    Honestly makes me think. It did turn a cloudy cold winter's day into one that I could see the sun tying to break through.

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    With all the stress you've been under, what a lovely thing to have happen. That dog sounds like a treasure! And it seems that connection with this pet came at such a good and helpful time. Those "hugs" sound unique--I'm rarely around large dogs, but I'd like to have watched how this one does that!

    I love dogs for their bright outlook, the affection and warmth. They rarely have a bad day, and like in this instance, spread sunshine. So glad you got to "meet" him/her.


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      aww that is the sweetest!

      thank you for sharing with us.
      dont leave me all alone frodo...dont go where i cant follow
      my little gentleman


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        "We cannot hold a torch to another's path without brightening our own."


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