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Sunny Walk in the Woods

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    Sunny Walk in the Woods

    Hello All,

    Just thought I'd share that it's sunny here where I live today. As of late sunshine has been rare. Consequently I've been going to the local shopping mall for my daily walks. The benefit there is that I also get to push myself to have human interaction which helps me overcome my social anxiety disorder. But the sunshine! Yay!

    When it's sunny out, it's just too hard to resist going for a walk through my very rural neighborhood. I rarely run into any neighbors out here, but when I do, it's generally a pleasant experience for me. For some reason, my social anxiety seems to effect me less when I am outside. Maybe it's because I subconsciously know I have more escape routes! Or, possibly because my traumas have all taken place inside. Or some other reason. Who knows?!?

    Anyhow, the air is crisp and clean. The sun is fabulous, shining through the trees. I walked 3.3 miles according to my new fitness tracker watch.

    My therapist wants to look at my base heartrate and my triggered heart rate. Evidently he wants to do some work with me based on what my heart does when I get triggered. I figured the easiest (most lazy) way to track all this would be with a fitness watch, so I picked one up on Amazon for less than $30. We'll see how this goes.

    I'm having a pretty decent day today, so far. I feel somewhat peaceful though I can feel Mr. Ugly lurking in the background, just waiting for his next opportunity to pounce on me. Hopefully that won't be for a few days, at least!

    I hope you all have as great a day as you can,

    Interestingly enough I’m also using a pulse ox and Hr monitor to look at triggered states. Here’s to doing therapy hw! Lol
    "We cannot hold a torch to another's path without brightening our own."


      Cheers! Lol


        I had to do something like that for a bit too and was actually given a Rx for a while that I could use for things like court that would help keep my heartrate lower.

        Glad you enjoyed your walk.


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