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What's your favorite breakfast?

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    Either strawberry crepes or mango crepes with vanilla yoghurt and extra berries on the side


      Oh Bella, that sounds fancy and delicious!

      ​​​​​​I'm doing low-carb eating to trim a few pounds, so I've had a lot of eggs and variations of eggs with veggies or berries.

      Right now I'm working through a chorizo/egg scramble in a low carb tortilla with plain feel Greek yogurt on top. I can't get enough of it!!
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        I like eggs in any way, toast and black tea. I consider it to be the best part of the day.


          Hi Fealkoq--Welcome to CS!


            yogurt or a peanut butter and sliced strawberries sandwich.


              fresh or hot bread roles with seeds (like pumpkin seeds), cheese (Camembert with yogurt- yum), soft boiled egg... COFFEE! That's a perfect start into a weekend day
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                Quails eggs with smoked salmon on baguel

                Just stirring the pot by writing this. It isn't my regular breakfast. In fact, I have eaten this for my breakfast on precisely one occasion. (But it is highly recommended, teeny little eggs on toasted baguel.)
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                  Some fancy breakfasts! Wow!

                  One of my most favorite breakfasts ever in my life was once at a South African friend's house when I was a little girl. There were different cheeses, thinly sliced, butter, flavored mayonnaise. And I think, fruit. I remember to this day how ecstatic I was over that yummy breakfast. And I'm not even a breakfast person.

                  I never find crusty rolls anywhere like we had back then overseas.


                    smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, & avocado with wholemeal toast.

                    I never get to have it for breakfast because my carer never starts before 10am, but I have it for tea quite a lot


                      These sound yummy!

                      My fav right now...the "Sunrise" on a blueberry bagel. It's a fried egg with ham and cheese on a blueberry bagel baked fresh each morning at my favorite local cafe. Throw in a cushy booth, hot coffee w/ cinnamon sprinkled and half-n-half, and high-speed internet and I'm good for a couple hours of chill time.

                      Wish I could do it every morning...
                      ♥ ♥ ♥
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                        Tulip, mmmm, that sounds tasty!

                        Star, what a lovely morning treat! I wish you could do that every day, too. I'm glad it's available for when you can.

                        I've been haphazard about breakfasts and am trying to make myself eat something sooner in the day. I'd gotten a little overzealous with food purchases, so I've been eating to reduce the contents of my cupboard. Sometimes soup, some Indian veggie mixes and such. Brrrrrunch-y, I suppose. But flavored coffee is always part of things. One caf, one decaf.


                          Starship that sounds seriously good.

                          Catie... flavoured coffee... yum I particularly love it with gingerbread syrup at Christmas (not for breakfast tht would be a bit much first thing i think) but I love brunch


                            I've never seen gingerbread syrup. It does sound holiday-ish!

                            Not my fav, but I'm kinda in harpoon-something-in the fridge mode these days, where bfast is concerned. Or harvest some peanut butter from the emptying jar. Before heading out the door.

                            I'll do better about it soon, lol.

                            Though not the healthiest, one of my breakfast-food loves is unquestionably bacon. I would love to eat BLTs more often and that would be a yummy breakfast to me.


                              ohhh bacon Yum! We have what we call 'a full English' here, apologies if it's been mentioned before, but its bacon eggs sausage, baked beans, fried mushrooms, fried bread, grilled tomatoes..... & sometimes black pudding (which I don't like but...)

                              my mouth is watering just thinking about it but I could never eat it first thing in the morning

                              But oh bacon sandwiches with ketchup or with scrambled eggs

                              oh I am so hungry


                                I haven't heard of the full English before. That's an intriguing combination.

                                I'm fond of oven-baked tomatoes but haven't sampled them for breakfast.


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