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What's your favorite breakfast?

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    crispy crispy crispy

    and burnt.

    ♥ ♥ ♥
    The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save.
    Zeph 3:16


      i kinda get the impression, freedom like cheese.

      i could be wrong.

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        Lots of awesome cheeses Freedom.

        We're really lucky, our neighborhood market has a really great cheese shop, with lots of imported options. So its' fun to try different ones.

        roflmao Star! That poor bacon! lol

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          Star, I agree. The very few times I eat bacon it must be very crispy. If it has a rind or fat like back bacon, wont touch it. All those cheeses, interesting, but still don’t like it. With the Brussel sprouts - cut an cross in the stem bit. Softens quickly, no gas impact in the insides. Also keeps it sweet taste.


            Cheese not bacon
            In my distress I called to the Lord;
            I cried to my God for help.
            It is God who arms me with strength
            and keeps my way secure.


              Yes :-)

              Cheese helps everything taste better - wish I could eat it more than I do :-)

              Cheese and bacon :-)
              He loved me in my past
              He's with me in my present
              He sees me in my future
              Cause His love lasts and lasts


                i love avocado and wish i could have it more. i eat yogurt and nuts lately.
                dont leave me all alone frodo...dont go where i cant follow
                my little gentleman


                  Sounds good, I've been thinking of making my own yogurt, just haven't had the time yet, but its on the list.
                  He loved me in my past
                  He's with me in my present
                  He sees me in my future
                  Cause His love lasts and lasts


                    This thread is making me really hungry!
                    I totally agree about the bacon having to be BURNED, i get so frustrated with my carer when she brins me bacon & you can still see the fat on it.... NO that should be curled up & crsipy. Perhaps i should buy her a blow torch.

                    I love a 'full english' breakfast (sans the black pudding- ugh) - for the benefit of those that dont know a full english is bacon, sausages, fried egg, baked beans, fried mushrooms, grilled tomatoes & fried bread. Yum, but never in the morning. in the morning i feel very fragile & often nauseous so i often dont eat or just have a banana.

                    But when i can i will have greek natural yogurt with blueberries or raspberries & toasted flaked almonds. Or toast with sugar free crunchy peanut butter with apple slices.

                    I also like cereal, most types, but again only for supper not for breakfast.

                    I also have started liking avocado in recent years I like the sound of your mashed avocado with feta idea Brina i will try that for lunch as soon as i can




                        Haha this thread was great... cheeeeese

                        I'm a steel cut oats person I do like bacon too.


                          K, I looove steel cuts oats! I always throw some dried cherries in, hmmmm.


                            oooo i never heard of steel cut oats till now! i love porridge i'm goingto try them


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