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Avatar issues.

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    Avatar issues.

    Hi. A couple of things - I am having trouble putting a heading / title on new posts. Could someone direct me on that? (Maybe we just discovered how ? The e box by prefix n icon ? )

    Also, I'm still not able to access avatar. I don't have a clue. I used to have one but its not showing up. I've been to the settings and made sure signature box and avatar box are both checked. Still nothing. (Not sure what a signature is to be honest). Could anyone offer help? Am not technically saavy so anything would be appreciated. Thank you so much.

    Hi Pippin. To title your threads that you start, there is a space at top of page that says, "Enter title" after you've clicked start new topic. Individual posts that reply to others don't require titles.

    For avatar, We don't have our avatar selection up and running at the moment. If there's something you'd like as an avatar, you can post it in the Member Concerns forum (we require pre-approval on all graphics), and if you don't know how, one of us can load it for you.
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      Thank you so much Emily. i now understand about the new post heading and avatar.

      I know its been awhile since we've been on here but its so wonderful to be back and seeing old friends and hopefully making some new ones too. Hope you are doing well and enjoying summer. Its really been hot in our area. ​​​​​​​


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