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CSM Statement of Belief Regarding DID

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    CSM Statement of Belief Regarding DID

    <li>We accept as fact the existence of ritual and *****ic abuse, mind control, & organised rings of sexual abusers, within all culture and society structures today</li>

    <li>We accept as fact that DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) is not equal to, nor caused by, demonic possession, or mental illness. Rather, it is a creative coping mechanism vital to some, in very extreme & usually prolonged abuse situations, neccesary for their survival. </li>

    <li>We accept that some acts of abuse are so horrific that a very young child would not be able to function knowing that those things had happened to them - and therefore, those memories are kept from the 'host', or the 'core personality' of a body until such a time comes (if ever) that they are able to safely deal with those memories. The resulting emerging memories as an adult are not the result of 'False Memory Syndrome'. </li>

    <li>We accept as fact that it is entirely possible to get free from this type of abuse, and to heal from its effects. </li>

    <li>We accept as fact that some DID systems can include very large amounts of insiders, sometimes even several hundred. </li>

    <li>We affirm that each 'multiple' person has the choice whether or not to aim for integration (the blending of the separate consciousnesses in that person) in their healing - and that no-one should be placed in a position where they feel forced into one or the other options. We believe that healing can be found in integration, & equally can be found where integration is not the desired goal.

    At CS, we support members in working towards either goal - but we strongly believe that in either case, each individual insider needs to heal from their own specific set of issues in order for the whole person to find a place of healing. We also believe that the insiders need to work togehter as a group, supporting each other, in order to heal. Our DID forums and support systems are set up specifically to meet both of these vital needs. </li>

    <li>We accept as fact that we do not know everything there is to know about DID, and that there are always exceptions to every 'rule'. </li>

    Christian Survivors, Last Updated 2011
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