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    Security of website question

    Hi! Every time I log in, a warning appears, saying this site is not secure. Would the staff please explain our risks, if any, to our posting? Thank you!
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    Ravi Zachariah ❤️

    i got this too, a time back. (still do) if i can remember right, it was explained to me that it was a software incompatibility thing. i've had no problems whatsoever here.
    i'm not staff, i'm sure one of them will get back to you on this soon. (((((((((hugs)))))))))


      Hi Hope.

      A lot of websites have an https security certificate. Those are especially seen on shopping websites, etc. Since we don't have that particular certification, I'm guessing that's why your system is giving you the warning.

      We do everything that we can here to make sure that CS is safe and secure for our members. And we always want to make sure that our members feel secure posting. Especially given that our members have the ability to have anonymous usernames, and a lot of our areas have limited access to only members, etc, we feel confident in saying that posting is safe.

      I hope that helps.
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