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Reading a book together

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    Reading a book together

    Do you ever have book clubs, using books on healing from abuse? I've read your Bible studies and other articles, which are fantastic and really helpful. Curious to know if there has ever been a group that has read a book and discussed it in a forum here. Thank you for all you do.
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    Hi Hope. We did used to do some group Bible Studies, and some other things. But they require a great deal of staffing time. Due to staff illness and such, we don't have the resources right now to such a project, because even if someone else "ran" the study, it would require careful moderation. Maybe there will come a point later where we'll have a chance to start doing that again. But for now, we just don't have the resources.

    We are working on changing a few things up though, and hope to get back to regular group discussion threads soon.
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