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Christian Survivors Ministries Costs

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    Christian Survivors Ministries Costs

    This is a list of costs, as near as I can show, for the running of CS. Please note that many of these costs are listed as approximate, because they are not set in stone and will vary from month to month!

    The list of permanent costs is a realistic view of what we spend on CS, some of which is covered by donations already, much of which is paid out of pocket by senior staffers.

    I have also compiled a list of things we would like to be able to fund, but have as yet been unable to due to lack of funding. The biggest cost of CS is that of the time our staff, in particular the senior staff, give to us. Many of them work full time hours or more on these forums, & deserve to be shown that their work here is valued!

    Permanent costs :

    Domain name : Approx 25 / US $50 / Year
    Site Hosting (dedicated server package) : Approx 53 / US $100 / Month
    Upgrades : Up to 50 / US $93 / Month
    VBulletin subscription : 60 / US $115 / Year
    Search Engines Submission Service : 82 / US $150 / Year
    Sig Hosting : 53.75 / US $99 / year
    Guestbook Facility (moderated) 20 / US $37 / year

    <b>*Approx total monthly costs : $200 / 105 *</b>

    Hopes for the Near Future :

    Software neccesary for staff to use : Differs year to year but likely to be around 100 / US $185 in any given year
    Cable internet bills / CS related international phone call bills for senior staff : Approx 180 / US $334 / month
    PO Boxes in the UK and Australia, so that donations can be safely sent to the staff members overseeing them
    Minimum wage salaries for senior staff
    Cable internet bills for all permanent staff members.
    Paid salaries for other key staff members
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