To increase the security and privacy of the regular members of Christian Survivors Forums there are different levels of access that are granted to members based on their level of activity on the forum.

When a new member joins the forum they are automatically given a limited level of access (registered member) until they have posted a minimum of 50 posts during their first 2 months of membership. Once a member reaches that goal, they are granted Regular Member status and gain increased access to some forums that are more sensitive than the forums that are visible to guests and registered members. Regular members are also able to view profiles of the other forum members, and view the Who’s Online page. Access to more private forums are granted by request if a member meets the requirements to access them.

Members must maintain a level of activity in the private forums, and on the forum as a whole, to retain their status as a Regular member. If an individual has not posted on the forum in 3 months time, they will be reduced back to registered member access and will have to re-qualify for regular member status. Please note that popping in every two months just to retain access is not enough. They will also have to post consistently for the required periods of time to regain their access to any private forums that they had in the past.