Note of warning regarding Inner Child work

A major concern for us is that while we do understand the importance of Inner Child work for many survivors - we feel that many therapists are not properly trained in this style of therapy. (or that while they may be trained in it - they believe a slightly skewed version of the truth.) This, and other influences such as internet resources, can lead some survivors to believe that their inner child is in essence a completely separate personality, who comes to the surface and speaks and behaves as a child.

In fact, the inner child is the part of you (not separate from you) that holds the feelings that were not able to be expressed as a child. When connecting with the emotions of our inner child, we may feel more emotional on some issues, more needy, more playful, or even more mischeivous. However, these emotions play out in the adult us, rather than in us becoming childlike.

Any type of regression therapy is not the same as inner child and should only be done in a qualified therapists office.