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Ritual Abuse Posting Guidelines

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    Ritual Abuse Posting Guidelines

    For safety reasons, it is the goal of CS to keep all forum discussions positively focused towards problem solving and validation through the positive sharing of individual experiences and knowledge.

    For these reasons, no graphic or detailed discussion and/or descriptions of any past or present abuse and/or any harming behaviors towards oneself or others is allowed to be discussed on any forum at CS, as it can be extremely triggering for other members.

    It is particularly important that at no time are cult words or rituals to be mentioned as this is very dangerous to both you and other members. It should also go without saying that talk of the occult is absolutely too triggering for the forums. Any such material being posted on the forums will be removed immediately and your access could be put into jeopardy.

    Rather, it is the policy of this forum that such intense & triggering topics and issues should be discussed with each individual's therapist, as that is a safe and controllable environment, in which you can be supported through any triggers/flashbacks which may occur.

    Please refrain from posting Spiritual Content in the RA forum as that can also be highly triggering to some members. Even the mention of Scripture verses can sometimes trigger those who have an RA background. We understand that healing in this area is particularly important to those who have been through RA however we need to limit conversations about that here and possibly balance it by talking in a non graphic way in the 'Mercy Place' forums.

    Also, we ask that any ritual abuse discussion be contained to our ritual abuse forum.

    We appreciate your understanding in making this a safe place for all survivors!
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