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All of our staff are survivors too!

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    All of our staff are survivors too!

    Staff are survivors too!

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to post a note here that does us all good to remember now and again. Every member of our staff team is a survivor of abuse, many of multiple forms of abuse. Please remember in any interaction with them, that they are here for support right along with each one of you.

    Our staff team is dedicated to keeping CS safe and running so that everyone can gain the support they need to heal from their abuse. I think it is easy for other members to think of the staff team as “more healed” and therefore needing less support. I also think that it’s hard for many to realize that our staff team really does understand what it’s like because we’ve all been there, and in many ways still are.

    It is often the case that when someone is invited to join our staff team, people on the forums see them differently, and treat them differently than before. They have done nothing different, except take on more work in order to help everyone else here. Let’s work hard to remember that they’re still the same person after they became staff as before.

    So just a reminder that as you run across our staff while they do their very difficult jobs here on CS forums, and as you interact with them, take a moment to realize that each one of them has their own hurts to heal from, and each one of them needs support too!
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