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Who are our Staff? What do they do? Why are some names italic/bold?

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    Who are our Staff? What do they do? Why are some names italic/bold?

    We have a committed and wonderful staff working on this forum in many different & intertwining roles! You can see a little more information about each staff member, and their roles here, by visiting our website - where there is an in depth explanation of the staff members roles; and where personal profiles are listed for all staff members.

    This post seeks to just bring an overview to you, of who the staff are, and what their basic roles are.

    If you need to contact the staff for any reason, you can find details of who to contact, and how, by reading the thread 'whi ch staff member should i contact', located both in this forum, and in 'Ask the Staff'


    Susannah and Emily are the administrators. The admin are responsible for overseeing all aspects of Christian Survivors. Their role varies from the general upkeep and decision making for both the forum, and the website ... to support and resource work on the forum, and supporting and mentoring other staff on the team. They also moderate the forums, working as support staff, & they support and mentor other staff on the team. Any decision they make is to be respected – but they commit to always being willing to listen to differing opinion. It is the administrative job, also, to accept or reject applications to work within CS.

    The Senior Staff

    Alongside the admin, Brina works as senior staff. Senior Staff are support staff & forum workers, who have shown particular insight & wisdom into the running of, and best interests of CS. These staff members carry out their roles as support or forum workers in addition to their senior staffing responsibilities. Their thoughts and decisions carry much weight with the admin!

    They answer enquiries sent by email or that are posted in the "Need Help? Ask the Staff" forum, and try to help members with any technical problems they may be experiencing. In addition to this, they assist the administrators in dealing with conflicts and concerns with individual members. They are also responsible for the maintenance and updating of the website. Alongside the admin, the senior staff work to maintain a safe environment for everyone at CS!

    The Support Team

    These staff are the key workers on the forums, who, alongside the admin & senior staff members, provide friendship, support, and as safe an environment as possible for the members.
    Support staff are encouraged to identify the needs of each individual member, and to attempt to meet those needs as best they can. They are also encouraged to regularly pray for members, and for the ministry.

    Support staff may also carry out the role of forum and resource workers:

    The Resource Team

    Forum Workers
    These staff are responsible for the more practical side of forum life, such as archiving and merging posts. Much of this work is 'invisible' but highly necessary, and appreciated!

    Resource Workers
    Are staff who find / write resources and post them on the forum, or submit them for entry on the website.

    There are also opportunities for members to become involved in non-pastoral roles on CS, such as web and newsletter design; article writing; and graphic design.

    The Prayer Team

    Christian Survivors Prayer Team is a group of staff and regular, committed forum members working together to provide a safe service for all CS members. Each member of the team has committed to working under strict guidelines regarding confidentiality, and sensitivity when dealing with members. Our Prayer Team moderator is Nane, who works (with support from the other admin) to keep this vital part of forum life running. She works alongside a team of regular members : Starship and Catie.

    We would really appreciate it if each member would treat our staff with the respect they deserve! They each work really hard here at CS, on top of dealing with their own survivor issues, and they deserve a lot of support, encouragement, and respect!

    You can read more about each specific staff member in their profiles on the website.

    Please note, that no-one will become a member of staff at CS because they ask us, rather, we will ask them because of their actions as a member of this forum!
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