CS is a forum full of different people. With that also comes a lot of different issues and diagnoses. Please take extra care when reading on CS forums not to compare symptoms of either yourself or others here, with any "disorders" that you may have read about. It is equally important not to assume someone may have the same condition as you because of symptoms, if they do not have a diagnosis.

CS provides a great number of resources that are meant to help and provide information to those who have specific diagnoses. However, any material here is never meant to provide a means for anyone to attempt self diagnosis, or diagnosis of others.

This is very dangerous! It can do more harm than good. Too many possible diagnoses can have similar symptoms, and yet be totally different with completely different treatment regimens.

If you have questions about yourself regarding any possible diagnosis or disorder, please see a qualified professional. If you think that it's possible that a friend needs a diagnosis, please refer them to a professional as well.