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Private Forum Access : Everything you need to know!

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    Private Forum Access : Everything you need to know!

    Descriptions of Christian Survivors Private Forums

    Just a little note on access to our hidden forums! Requests are only granted after review by the senior staff of CS! Their decision is final, because access is given only when we can be as sure as possible that it would be safe for the other members!

    Please post requests for forum access, after the required length of time for that forum, in the 'Need Help? Ask the Staff' forum (under the category 'fragile hearts')

    The term regular posting, as used below, is defined as 'having posted regularly for the required time, within the support areas on the forums' ... and specifically, that 'you have shown willingness to be open and honest, that you are openly working on survivor issues, and that you have shown yourself to be trustworthy'.

    Private forum access is granted based on history and need, along with meeting the posting requirements.

    Thanks for your understanding!!


    Seasons of Hope :

    Our private (womens) forum! Away from the hustle and bustle .. I guess you could say its the warm kitchen of our home ... somewhere to gather round the stove & chat.

    Access is given after 6 weeks of regular posting, on request!

    Womens Only General Triggering :

    A women only forum, to discuss deeper issues in a safe place. Access is given hand in hand with seasons of hope, if requested.

    Journeys :
    This private folder hosts our regular members journals. Please note that there is also a journalling workshop hosted on CS
    Access to Journeys is considered after 16 weeks of regular posting in the forum, on request!

    Adults Only :

    Away from the younger members of the forum, this is a safe place to discuss the more adult issues of survivorship. This is also a women only forum.
    Access is given to female members over 21's, after 8 weeks of regular posting, on request.

    Please note - this forum may contain graphic and frank discussions on sexual issues.

    Reflections :
    A place to safely deal with low self esteem; body image misconceptions; and the emotional roots that cause them. (women only)

    Access is given to regular members on request!

    Severely Triggering Topics :

    This is a private category of trigger folder, containing several specific folders inside it, each of which need to be requested seperately. Please be aware that as a part of the access procedure, you will be asked to give brief detail of your abuse history, so that we can acertain which forums are appropriate for you.

    The forums within this category are :

    Dealing with Emotional/Physical Abuse and Neglect (6-8 weeks of posting)

    Healing from Sexual Abuse (women only) (8-10 weeks of posting)

    Self Injury Issues (8-10 weeks of posting)

    Recovering from Ritual Abuse (women only) (16 weeks of posting)

    Cover me with Love - For women survivors of domestic abuse - whether they are still in, or have escaped, the situation!
    (8-10 weeks after posting)

    ** Posting Guidelines for Ritual Abuse Discussion**

    For safety reasons, it is the goal of CS to keep all forum discussions positively focused towards problem solving and validation through the positive sharing of individual experiences and knowledge, particularly in this forum.
    No graphic or detailed discussion and/or descriptions of any past or present abuse and/or any harming behaviors towards oneself or others is allowed for discussion in this forum as it can be extremely triggering for other members.

    It is very important that at no time are cult words or rituals to be mentioned as this is very dangerous to both you and other members and will be removed immediately and your access to this forum put into jeopardy.

    Rather, it is the policy of this forum that such topics and issues should be discussed with each individual's therapist.

    We appreciate your understanding in making this a safe place for all survivors!

    *Please Note *

    The definition we have used for the purposes of access requirements for the RA forum is as follows :

    "The term ritual abuse is generally used to mean prolonged, extreme, sadistic abuse, especially of children, within a group setting. The group's ideology is used to justify the abuse, and abuse is used to teach the group's ideology. The activities are kept secret from society at large, as they violate norms and laws."

    The definition we have used for the purposes of access requirements for the Spiritual Abuse forum is as follows :

    "Spiritual abuse occurs when someone in a position of spiritual authority misuses that authority, to control, coerce, mistreat, undermine, or manipulate - for seemingly Godly or just purposes (but which are really their own) - with the result of a weakening of the spiritual or emotional self."

    The Playroom

    A safe forum for the younger insiders / 'littles' within a DID system. Within this category is also a trigger forum, so that the younger insiders have somewhere safe to talk about the more serious things in their lives. Any member who has a diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder can request separate accounts for any of their insiders who wish to post on the forum. Access is automatically given to these accounts, and may also be requested by the host(s) and or protectors of those systems.

    We believe that, just as with 'outside' children, 'inside kids' need to be kept safe. We have spent much time praying about and putting together a set of DID guidelines , in order that we can provide somewhere that is as safe as possible for them. If you are DID, we would ask that you carefully read through these guidelines, so that you are aware of our policies regarding DID.
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